Under New Management

Things were great until we got a new principal at our school Katie's first time in third grade.

We never needed an IEP, because the teachers were on point with being able to redirect her behavior.

If she did get in trouble for something, the principal was sure to correct it and I would only hear about it in passing, instead of a HUGE deal being made about every little thing she did (or didn't) do.


Anyway, that first year of third grade was fine for about one month, then the new principal put a target on her back that remains to this very day.


The first time Katie really started showing signs that there was more wrong with her than ADHD was in the early spring of 2017. Her behavior was becoming more erratic and she seemed less able to control certain urges. At 7 years old, these were not "normal" behaviors. She was aggressive at times, and there were many instances that her mood would swing so fast you had to duck!


However, we ignored it, because no one wanted to face the reality that there may be something else to deal with.


I was pregnant with baby #3 and this is not the kind of a stress you want piled on to an already stressful situation.


Once school started, however, we were forced to deal with the reality of facing our fears.

February 2018 Katie was suspended for inappropriate behavior. It was the nature of the behavior that led us to a psychologist. After his evaluation of her it was deemed that she has Aspergers syndrome.

For those who are unfamiliar (as we were) it was explained that Aspergers is a low spectrum form of Autism.

This explained why she could not emote the way that we do, and why her behavior was os erratic.

She has a tendency to repeat behaviors over and over until she moves on to something else.

Unfortunately for us, the behavior was a negative one that was really frowned upon by society.