Kindergarten was hard for my daughter,  Katie.

Katie had been taking her medication for almost a year, but it wasn't working when it came to social interactoins.

I really felt like there should be more done to help her!

However, help is NOT what we received.

Within the first few months of Kindergarten, Katie was suspended AGAIN!


This time was even more stupid than the first.


This time the suspension, while warranted, was for seven days.

Katie is a repeater. I didn't know that until I learned the hard way.

Obviously, we don't cuss in our home, so it was clear that she learned this word from someone in the school yard.


Long story short, she called a little boy at school a "bowl of s**t"

When asked if she knew what that meant, her answer was of course NO.

She had heard someone say the exact same words, only SHE got caught.

Luckily for us, we bought a house the following year and we were able to move. It was a small town, and more likely to have that one on one attention that she so desperately needed.


Nothing much transpired in the years between Kindergarten and Third Grade. It was then that, her now current school, got a new principal.

Katie's behavior hadn't changed, but the environment had. And so had the dynamic.


Unfortunately for Katie, she was once again under the microscope. She became a target for bullying adults who just DON'T understand.