Not so positive/ positive test results

It was in pre-k that I was forced to take my baby girl to a specialist. Baby #2 had just been born and she was in the process of adjusting to no longer being an only child.

When I first walked into that office I held my breath for what seemed like forever. I didn't want to hear it when the Dr. told me that she scored the highest that you could on the ADHD testing. For those of you that don't know, this is not a good thing. It's just a thing.....


Not so understanding....

I had hoped that when I brought my baby into school and explained the diagnosis they would work with me. I was a new at all this, but they were not. I had researched and knew that schools were supposed to make provisions for kids like mine. Kids that needed more one on one attention. I was wrong..


Her first (of many) suspensions came within the first month of her academic career. I mean who in the world suspends a PRE-K kid????


To make it worse, the offense against her was that her and another friend were pretending to shoot each other with "finger guns". Since when is that a problem?? My friends and I played cowboys and indians all the time when we were her age!!


We were advised that her "bullying" and "threatening" behavior would not be tolerated. Also, we were told that we needed to make adjustments to our home life. THEY WERE TRYING TO SHAME ME!!! It's not MY fault that my child doesn't understand why she's being punished, and it's not HER fault either!!!


They wanted her to act like a robot instead of a typical four-year-old.. They were wrong for that!


Eventually it got to be too much and we changed schools. We were blessed to find a teacher who had an ADHD child of her own and could really relate to my daughter. She knew exactly how to handle her erratic behavior and the year ended on a high note.


Things were fine.... Until Kindergarten Started!


I found some e-mails from Pre-K. Just to share the reality of what we went through. Even though we had a Dr.'s diagnosis, the feelings remained the same.


August 2013

Hi Sarah,

Katie did her 1st paper today really well and then after recess she just wouldn't listen or cooperate on anything.

Thank you.


October 2013


Katies' clothes are soaked. She was jumping in water puddles at lunch (I always wondered why they didn't STOP her). The teacher on duty tried to put her on the fence because she got into trouble. She threw rocks at the teacher and ran away. She climbed up the monkey bars and would not come down. She then refused to tell me what she did when the other teacher brought her to me. For this, she will have to sit out of recess for two weeks.

Thank you.  (two weeks, are you kidding me?)



I wanted to let you know we are having a problem with Katie getting on and off the bus at school. She runs up and down the halls and in and out of the office. She won't stay in the bus line. I have asked her to stop this, but the problem is not being corrected. You need to speak with her about staying still and remaining where she is told to. This is a safety issue.

Thank you

(Does this school know NOTHING about ADHD?)


Last one I feel comfortable sharing: there are others, but they only get worse.


I don't like to send a bad report everyday, but Katie just won't listen. She will do fine for an hour or so, and then turn oppositional. For example, we tell her to take out her pencil and trace. She will instead trace with a yellow crayon. We say go to your cubby, she will sit at the table. I believe that Katie is a bright girl and knows exactly what she is doing, but chooses to do otherwise. You need to keep trying different strategies to keep her on track.

Thank you.